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Back at BlogOn in May, I found a sample for Twisty Petz, a brand new cool collectable from Spinmaster. Emma absolutely loved her sample, and couldn’t wait to see what others were in the range. So a few weeks ago when this little lot turned up, she couldn’t wait to dig in and even share with her best friend.

Twisty Petz are cute little animals that are made up of beads, but they have a huge ‘twist’…they are also jewellery. Just twist them to create a pet, or untwist to make them into jewellery!

A single Twisty Petz has an RRP of £4.99, and you get to pick which character you want by looking at the pack, which is much better than a blind bag in my opinion! There are over 70 to collect in the whole range, so it’s great you can pick from the shop the ones you haven’t got.

A three pack of Twisty Petz has an RRP of £12.99, this is an awesome pack as you do get one blind bag to open, and the other two are visible when buying. Emma couldn’t wait to see who was in hers…

To the right is the Twisty Petz tracker . To be alerted when one of these items is in stock or available for pre-order, make sure to add that item to your account and turn on the corresponding stock status toggles.

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Animal lovers can get their bling on with Twisty Petz, a new line of two-in-one gemtastic animals that go from figure to bracelet and back again with just a twist. There are more than 70 to collect featuring all kinds of animals from turtles, cats, and bunnies to pandas, unicorns, and zebras. And some of the pets are metallic, rainbow, neon, pastel, pearl, golden, silver shimmer, and fuzzy.

All you do is pull the head and tail of the animal figure to release and insert the tail into the head to create an elastic bracelet. To turn it back into a figure, put the front round bead into the body and twist the front legs, and then do the same with the back round bead and back legs.

Twisty Petz are available to collect in individual Single Packs, in Three-Packs with two pets revealed in packaging and one hidden, and in Twin Babies Four Packs that include two sets of twins, a charm, and a case. The twins are smaller than the original Twisty Petz, so you can connect two twins to form one bracelet. The case serves as storage for taking the twin babies with you on the go. Each pack is sold separately and comes with a collector's guide.

These are so cute, so blingy, and so fun. Kids who like animals and wearing jewelry will like collecting all the different animals in the first series of Twisty Petz and showing off their collections either on display in their rooms or on their wrists. You can even attach these to a purse or bag and use them as pretty decoration that way.

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